John Campos, Grammy Nominated Producer - Onemind Music

Rhys - Faraday Studios

Above left is my lovely Rhys, we laid the original Power Of Music down which wasn’t finished, but I’m so proud of what Rhys and I achieved together and we certainly had so much fun doing it! Hi Rhys wherever you are! I miss you and hope that you and your beautiful wife are still playing some great acoustic guitar and that you are still doing what you want to do in music.

Top right is Mr John Campos who has helped me kick THE POWER OF MUSIC right where it should be! John as well as co-mixing and mastering the album has added the most incredible electric guitar work and bass to the 2019 remixed and finished versions. He has also been so amazing to work with and has given his time so generously, for next to nothing! I am always going to be incredibly appreciative of what we have done together and no doubt will do in the future! Thanks John you’ve kind of been ‘My Saving Grace’ on this one!

Below is Steve who did a great deal of My Saving Grace and of course Bobby and Richie 'Fingers' who helped me with the Magic demo album. Paul Castle is pictured below with Rhys. Paul kind of popped in from time to time and did the original mastering for The Power of Music.

Steve Slavin, Bobby and Richie from the 'next room', Paul & Rhys from Faraday Studios