The truth is when I wrote my last bio it went on forever, and let’s face it if you include everything in your musical journey, it could take forever, so here’s just some of it, the short version of Levi Perry’s journey!

Levi started writing songs at 10yrs old. She went on to do normal auditions and her first recordings with Dave Moustache which HELPED HIM GET A DEGREE WITH HONOURS AT KINGSTON UNIVERSITY. Unfortunately, at the time Dave did not have the experience to get the recordings to the standard that the industry required.

Levi then recorded a charity single to raise money and funds for the Autistic Society and the ADHD Alliance. It was a song called ‘if you believe’. The track was played all round her local radio stations including Radio Swindon, THE EAGLE 96.4, BBC Southern Counties and Radio5 live; it got a great response! It was recorded with Mr Andie Baxter from Musiconair but was never finished. At the time L Perry got a phone call from a MR ROGER FORESTER who had been Eric Clapton’s manager, he asked LP (being Levi’s nickname, as well as songbird) as known to her many fans, how can I help you? Levi replied "I want to get it out there in a big way". Unfortunately when Roger went back and asked the group if they could do this it turned out that they were all just about to retire and they all felt that it was just the wrong time for them and that it would cost them too much to do (both in time and finances). LP was really proud by the time it had finished being promoted though; her songs had had vast airplay and on one occasion the switchboard at EAGLE RADIO went crazy with the response to her airplay. It had done really well, raised quite a lot of funds for ADHD and raised LP's profile.

LP was then looking for a long-term production relationship and trying to find a way to move everything forward. She had now teamed up with THE NEXT ROOM in Barnet, LONDON to record the demo Album MAGIC. This was written in LP’s Bedroom cupboard… Don’t believe? Don’t know why, just ask her - lol? Bob and Richard from the next room had already had several chart-topping singles such as OOH AH JUST A LITTLE BIT with Gina G (the Eurovision hit), and also with let me be your fantasy. The problem again was without the deal and the funds it really was just a demo, and very little of which LP was really about which left out a lot of her personal style. However, she did at this point start to catch the eye of many other well-known artists. It even ended up in the hands of WILL I AM from the Black-Eyed Peas!

Mr Ron Roker (another recording industry personality), WHO HAD HELPED MANY ARTISTS IN THE CHART IN THE 70S AND 8OS really pushed LP’s album as much as he could and desperately tried to secure a deal. Chris Warren who was Bob and Richards manager also tried to push THE MAGIC ALBUM, with well-known names. Ultimately though it was still just a demo and they all really wanted to hear was what LP was about (artist wise). Ron Roker knew it was obvious L Perry was now on a mission to produce her next album herself, and to do the very best she could once again without funds and a deal.

Following a theatre gig she met JIM KELLEHER, who was a stunning classic acoustic guitarist. Jim had a home recording facility so they started on what was to be L Perry’s next album MY SAVING GRACE.

Once again, the Gods weren’t going to make this easy for LP and Jim could no longer afford to record at home, so L Perry went off again looking for another engineer. L Perry eventually found a guy called Steve Slavin who was based in Islington, London. Steve agreed to do the engineering at a cost that may work for them both. LP would then go back to THE NEXT ROOM and give some more writing away to get a mix that would be a better standard and quality. Now that MAGIC AND MY SAVING GRACE HAD RECIEVED Airplay in SWINDON and RADIO 5 LIVE BRIGHTON alongside so many other local radios stations that she couldn’t quite believe its success. LP still felt however that it was still missing the standard and quality that was required for it to come across well enough on the radio to compete with other well-known artists.

She was off on another journey, to find another producer to record the next and the best album to date. THE POWER OF MUSIC. Originally it was meant to be recorded with producer Paul Castle at the faraday complex. Unfortunately, he had a personal crisis at the time so LP was once again thinking "here we go again!" So, in order to do what she set out to do it was just her and RHYS a 23yr old who was doing the engineering and guitar playing to LP’s preference. They used software sounds and laid the strings and keyboards down together.

To be honest this was the best recording experience that LP had had up to this point, and the happiest, and although financially it was still lacking, it was the best recording quality she had had to date. All I WOULD SAY NOW IS THAT LP herself was now experiencing such a personal crisis in many ways, she was unable to take the power of music further, it had already had huge response but LP was physically unable to continue.

What L PERRY does want to share with you is that she took time out to look after her Mum, who had become bedridden with dementia. LP at the same time had also taken a 5-day course of fluoroquinolone antibiotics and this caused a ‘bomb’ to go off in her body. I can tell you that this turned LP’s world upside down! L PERRY wanted to warn everyone. Do not take the family of fluoroquinolone antibiotics, she wrote this in all her good bye letters to explain how the effect of taking these drugs was so devastating, this is what L PERRY told me. "If I don’t tell people about what’s happened to me, how is that responsible, it would be ignorant of me not to tell!" Please don’t ever take this class of antibiotics, it killed my friend’s father! I have 20 pages written on the devastation that these drugs did to me! There are so many other safer drugs on the market, I only had a UTI! How could this acceptable? She urged me and others to check out

Moving forward for the first time L PERRY mixed personal her life with music to raise awareness, to stop the pain and help to reduce any further tragedies.

L Perry was continuing to mend but went into a more painful relapse last year, after her Mum passed, she moved home, and then helped her brother move. She came back on line at the end of November 2018 around her birthday and as well as connecting with old friends again, whom she lost touch with, she found that she had been locked out of many websites. LP made friends with a MR John Campos from NEW YORK, they really were just friends to begin with but they started talking about what they did with regards to music, then the ‘LP and John Campos partnership’ was formed, musically. John is a Grammy nominated producer and has also been in the industry for all his working life.

L Perry had a phone to begin with, when coming back on line, then had a PC in January 2019. LP explained to John it was like coming out of a coma as she had to learn social media all over again! She is still learning and still in pain at times, but is determined to do what she set out to do a long time ago, and to be successful with her music. I am sitting reading what I AM WRITING AND I am proud to have gone through more things personally, financially, physically and emotionally than most will never experience, to come back and still be fighting for my dream, I’m now kind of proud of me, I’m in pain writing this. If I don’t remember to support my back and lean forward it kind of feels like my back is being ripped out, "but I’m back and going nowhere!" 

John and I are on our last track of the power of music remix 2019 and once mastered (by John) it will be up for sale at all digital outlets. John is my favourite producer / engineer to date, and my 2nd happiest experience (recording wise). LP and John just click and share the same vision with regards to where they take a song (production wise). They can’t wait to do more together and see how everything progresses, hopefully with much success! John has helped me with my musical production more than anyone, to say he is the most talented person is an understatement! He is an incredibly capable musician and a great producer who is the first to actually achieve my vision (our vision). John has also gone above and beyond to help financially. These remixes are worth so much more than John would normally charge or anyone would, but he saw my music, heard it and believed in it! This does kind of feel like fate!


Everything from listening to Stevie wonder, Diana Ross when a little girl and then I went on to love Whitney, Phil Collins, T- Rex, Skunk, Anansy then Keith Urban, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Cold Play and so many, so many different Artists and genres.